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I am a UK based Abstract Artist, Photographer and creative enthusiast.

Exploring landscape plays a big role in what motivates and inspires me and my work. I have been a keen climber since the age of 11 which has embedded a love and respect for the outdoors from an early age. 

"My work plays on the not so straight line between abstraction and narratives, a visual language and dialogue influenced by landscape, nature, emotion and experience. I experiment with lots of techniques and media as I find the practical process vital in exploring how best to create my ideas and concepts. I love how abstract art and photography are almost opposites in process and how they now each hugely influence the way I approach the other".


Over the past 16 years photography has become a huge part of my work process, which started out as a way of documenting my work during and after it was made. It now exists as a source of research and experience, getting me out exploring different weathers, seasons and the unexpected.

I also enjoy making music, films and prints in their many forms.


Masters and BA (hons) graduate in Fine Art at Hallam University 2007-2012.


I first found an interest in photography after completing a night course in film photography and dark room editing in 

1996, but it wasn’t until 2007, when I started my BA then moving onto a Masters, both in Fine Art, that I started to 

realise my love for photography and how it could influence and complement my practice. From documenting my 

work, to capturing compositions that inspired my abstract paintings, photography had become an important element 

of self exploration and my artwork.


After my course I spent many hours developing my knowledge of photography in both pre and post production.

My passion for photography has grown over the years and there’s nothing I love more than getting out exploring, 

whether in the Peak District, which is practically on my doorstep or further afield, camera in hand.


Recently I have spent some time learning how to make films and have started to produced a small series I have titled 

‘An Artist’s Walk’. These short films aim to highlight the elements of the great outdoors that inspire me as an artist and 

what influences the studio work I produce. 

You can find these films in the menu above.


Whilst I specialise in landscape photography, I have also been fortunate to work for many established companies 

producing high end images of their products, and have also covered event, portrait and sports photography.

If you want any more information on the services I can offer, please feel free to contact me. 



Abstract oil paintings inspired by my passion for landscapes, especially those of the Peak District area which are local to me.

By combining many techniques over the years I have come up with a unique way of oil painting which allows me to capture

what it is that inspires me about landscape and abstract art.

I love exploring with photography and film making, which over the years has seen me venturing out in all weathers, at all

times of the day, across the seasons.

With my camera in hand, I study and explore all aspects of a landscape, from the vast awe-inspiring views, the fascinating

rock formations and flow of water, down to the intricate patterns and colours in the nature that surrounds us. 

Mixing printing and painting techniques I have developed a way of mark-making that allows me to create abstract forms

influenced by the colour palettes, shapes, textures and even compositions studied on my many trips out. 

Macro Artworks

Sitting somewhere between my photography and paintings is a world of shapes, textures, compositions, colour

and chance. Whilst creating my abstract paintings, I began to observe intricate patterns and details that were

occurring through the oils. 

Through the use of Macro photography, I was able to explore these details further and capture extreme close-ups

of the paints which result in bold and colourful compositions, full of movement and texture. The outcomes are

often influenced by my love of landscapes and the natural patterns, palettes and formations I have come to love

so much.


I am currently working on a project to exhibit these digital macro artworks on a large scale across the streets of

Sheffield, creating a bright, bold art trail across the city. If you would like to know more see the Billboards of

Sheffield in the projects section above.