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Oil Paintings

For many years now Ladoza has enjoyed creating abstract artworks. Captivated from an early age seeing the likes of Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock paintings at Tate Modern and the sculptures from Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore he was inspired to ask questions and explore what it was they were saying to him and why he found these art forms important.

Later in life, becoming a musician and photographer he found himself more and more intrigued with dialogue and conversations beyond words. With music he could create mood and atmosphere and with photography he could give narrative and composition.

After studying fine art at Hallam University, Ladoza learnt how he could combine all the above and more to create his art work with an aim to converse with and maybe even inspire the viewer.


Here is a selection of his abstract paintings created between 2016 to present.

linseed printing Oils on paper.

Contact here for enquiries 

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