Macro Abstractions

Sitting somewhere between my photography and paintings is a world of shapes, textures, compositions, colour and chance.

Whilst creating my abstract paintings, I began to observe intricate patterns and details that were occurring through the oils. 

Through the use of Macro photography, I was able to explore these details further and capture extreme close-ups of the paints which result in bold and colourful compositions, full of movement and texture. The outcomes are often influenced by my love of landscapes and the natural patterns, palettes and formations I have come to love so much.


I am currently working on a project to exhibit these digital macro artworks on a large scale across the streets of Sheffield, creating a bright, bold art trail across the city. If you would like to know more see the Billboards of Sheffield section above. 


The artworks below can be bought at different sizes with slight added cost to cover additional editing.

Please contact me for enquiries.

All images are copyrighted.