I am a UK based Abstract Artist, Photographer and creative enthusiast.

Exploring landscapes plays a big role in what motivates and inspires me and my work. I have been a keen climber since the age of 11 which has embedded a love and respect for the outdoors from an early age. 

"My work plays on the not so straight line between abstraction and narratives, a visual language and dialogue influenced by landscape, nature, emotion and experience. I experiment with lots of techniques and media as I find the practical process vital in exploring how best to create my ideas and concepts. I love how abstract art and photography are almost opposites in process and how they now each hugely influence the way I approach the other".


Over the past 15 years photography has become a huge part of my work process, which started out as a way of documenting my work during and after it was made. It now exists as a source of research and experience, getting me out exploring different weathers, seasons and the unexpected.

I also enjoy making music, films and prints in their many forms.


Masters and BA (hons) graduate in Fine Art at Hallam University 2007-2012.

ladoza studio work 3.jpg

Photo by Chris Saunders