Landscape art/photography book and exhibition.

(concept and idea stages of a project I've been dreaming of for a long time)




What do we mean when we say we are inspired by something?


I am personally massively inspired from landscape. With the Peak District on my doorstep I’ve been playing around these valleys and hills since I can remember, which has ran in my family for different reasons.


In this book I will try to capture and convert my experiences and explorations of the Peak District and create a body of artworks that will be in response to this beautiful landscape.


From seasons and the physical changing landscape through the year, to the colours, wildlife, plant life, atmosphere, close up studies and epic vistas.


Compositions influenced form landscape sketches, filming and photography and then the making of artworks as a response.



What will I make.


Paintings, photography, films, abstract prints, sculptures, exhibition material consisting of all these which when combined will showcase how landscape has influenced it all through experience.

There will be a book that will piece together everything and split everything into 4 seasons.



What I need to make this happen.




New camera gear.


Art suplies.

If anyone can help me raise funds or advise me how to go about a project

like this I would massively appreciate it.

Thank you.